Creative Big Bang

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Articles

(Written on November 8, 2010)

What’s the origin of creativity? How does it come out? There are specific situations that can help us in this process?
Answering to these questions is not easy, and probably impossible. Because creativity has a lot to do with personal. Each one has his own creativity, and there are no universal rules and any magic formula that is common for everyone.

What can I do is to tell you about my experience, and describe what are the best conditions, for me, to be creative.
It’s necessary to do an introduction about creativity in general. I think there is a part of it which is innate, another part is based on knowledge, how well and deep you know your area.
Assuming that all these preparatory conditions are satisfied, we can find some helpful situations which can support us in being crative, and have brillant ideas.

Personally I have a very good relationship with nature, since I was a kid, I was fascinated by natural landscapes, like mountains, lake, forest, so frequent where I live. Growing up this feeling became bigger and bigger, and in the last years I found in these places an useful help. When I have to think about a concept for a campaign, or sketching a logo or whatever else which implies a creative support; I take my sketchbook and I go into the wild, taking a walk in forest, or climbing a mountain, or just sitting on a bench in front of the lake. This kind of situations give me the right predisposition to think, in a free and inconventional way. I sketch, take notes, and than I go back to home or office, and I go on with work, developing and realising my new fresh ideas.

We are marketers, we do communications, so we live our lifes in a non-stop connected way; that’s probably the reason I need sometimes a detachment in order to think freely. This temporary separation from the Internet and common places, and the feeling between me and nature that sorrounds me are the best conditions in order to have ideas, or to think.

What do you do in order to recreate the perfect situation to think, or to be creative? Tell us your experience! Comment this post!


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