Is it possible to sell more with free stuff?

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Articles

(Written on October 27, 2010)

Apparently we all answer no to this question. But the recent developement of the market, especially on the Internet, seems to show the contrary. There are lots of cases in which is possible to increase the income trough free stuff. Piracy is a good exemple. Lots of music bands became famous trough this method. Spreading their tracks online for free, building a large basis of fans, and then switching to the mainstream, with all what’s involved with this change!

Another interesting exemple is the Steve Lieber’s case. Lieber is the author of a graphic novel called “Underground”, which was scanned and shared online by users. He found his pirated copy on the famous message board called He joined the discussion with fans, with a P2P approach, asking for advices, answering questions, and the readers appreciated his engagement. The result was that the sales of his book increased exponentially in less than a few days.

So guys, don’t be too greedy, and always listen to your customers, your audience, your fans and take in to account everything comes from end users about your stuff, being it positive or negative.

A present today… can turn in million $ tomorrow.

If you want to read the blog post of Steve Lieber just click here


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