The Switch

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Articles

(Written on October 27, 2010)

Diary of a guy’s career switching to communication and marketing

Episode 1

In order to make you understand this diary, and share with you my impressions about this switch, that changed my professional life, is necessary to do a further introduction, and tell you something about my previous job and my education.

After my studies in communication sciences, with specialization in corporate communication, I joined the world of Industries. This experience gave me the possibility to build a good know-how, especially in B2B field. But my position was more oriented on administration. Which is for sure an useful part of the creating value process, fundamental for a company, but not the core one. Especially for someone (me!) who wanted and dreamed to be creative as a job.

More or less a month ago, I joined the plastical project, in order to act as a real marketer/creative, and aimed to reach my potential in communication and marketing market.

The approach and the organization of work is completely different, analyizing an advertising agency, in comparison with an association related to industries. Peculiar are view and strategy, which are something really different. In an agency you can afford to be definitely more visionary, the process is feeded by enthusiasm…a good framework for brainstorming and for the birth of good ideas. On the contrary in my previous job, the focus was more on reality, revenues, sales, and other tangible indicators useful to measure communication and marketing activities. Of course also in an agency this indicators are extremely important, but are not the only variables considered.

The consequence is that my approach to work now is aimed to be a mix of this two different points of view, finding a balanced method which can be appreciated by customers, both in view and sales.

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